Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Does everyone in the office know the location of the eyewash station, first aid kit, and epinepherine (epi-pen)? If not, they should by the end of your next staff meeting. The eyewash station should be tested annually and your first aid kit should have non expired components. Have a staff member delegated to check these areas. Universal Precautions must be used in all direct patient care and procedures performed of course. Universal Precautions refers to a set of precautions designed to prevent HIV, HBV, and other bloodborne pathogens in a healthcare setting. Wipe down,use barriers, and sterilize the same for all patients. Universal precautions are procedure specific, not patient specific. Disease Transmission is a lenghy topic and books have been written on this subject. I will try to summerize disease transmission in the dental office. Disease producing microorganisms that may be harmful are called pathogens. Infection control is the primary means of disease containment in the dental office. All staff members need to have a clear understanding of the following both in theory and clinically...Handwashing, vaccinations, barriers, sterilization, and disinfection. There are many forms of disease transmission. I think one of the most common aspects is means of transmission. Simply put, how diseases are spread. There are three ways. Direct contact: transmission by touching an infected individual (unprotected). Aireborne transmission: the pathogenic microorganism is inhaled by the host (person). A sneeze, aerosol from the highspeed handpiece, etc... Cross Contamination: basically this is when contaminated surfaces (door knob, gloved hand, instruments) come into contact with the host. Are you taking intraoral photos on patients and then passing the camera to an unsuspecting co-worker? Are you carrying the chart to the front desk staff with contaminated gloves?


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