Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer is Winding Down- How We Spent It

Thanks for submitting your photos for our Summer Photo Contest. We got some really great entries! Before we post the winners, we would like to share some photos from our doctors and staff. Dr. Hack wants to lead off, so here we go!

Dr. Hack spent time in Europe, where his son Austin was competing in the World Rowing Junior Championships near Prague, Czech Republic. After several days of intense international competition, Austin's boat (the men's 8) won GOLD to become Junior World Champions!!!

It was really special to hear the US National Anthem at the awards ceremony following the race.

If you want to watch the final race, check out this video and scroll to 1:48. Beware, the commentary is in Czech! Also, the check out the US Rowing website, it has a more about the teams victory.

Following the racing, Austin joined the rest of the family for a victory celebration for a few days in Austria and Munich, Germany.

Be sure to check out the pictures of the national team, and also, here are some of Dr. Hack's pics from Prague and Austria.